Can I tilt the projector

Hi! I want my projector roof mounted and to project 240mm from the roof. 150" projection size. It seems the projector needs 419mm. Can I tilt the projector so that it reaches higher up towards the roof, and then use keystone correction?

Hi, @agwan Thank you so much for notifying us about this inquiry. Hope this helps you.

We currently do not have a mechanical drawing for mounting the projector to the ceiling but here are the details on how you can set it up:

  1. Any universal ceiling mount with adjustable arms that can support at least 33lbs will work with our projector.
  2. Use M5x10 screws
  3. Ceiling mount still allows a display size between 80" -150". You will need to make sure that the added length of the projector mount will not take up to much of the space. A typical ceiling mount is anywhere from 6-24 inches vertical offset from the ceiling.
  4. With ceiling-mounted, the display will also be going from top-down vs from bottom up so you need to consider not to be straining your necks looking down the screen. Ideally, you would want to head to the middle of the screen for the best viewing experience. I have attached the measurements you need depending on the image size you would like to achieve.
  5. To Flip the image: to bring up the option to flip the image, you would hold down the menu button until the slide menu comes up from the left, then go to projection mode, then you can choose the option to flip the image/etc.

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Thank you for supporting VAVA products. Have a great day.

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look at my question. Unfortunatly your answer did not address my question.

I want to know if I can tilt the projector physically so that I may move the image up or down on my wall. And then correct for the key-stoning with settings.


Hi @agwan Unfortunately you can’t tilt the projector physically however you can try to raise the hind feet higher.