Blackfriday 30% projector discount code doesn't work

I received 30% projector discount code shortly after 12am PST today 27th Dec. But that code doesn’t work, how do we reach out to support?

Same thing happened to me. The Black Friday code did not work. Do you think Vava will homer the code once the situation has been corrected?

I have not been able to contact VAVA support. Cannot locate a support link for VAVA

Do you think VAVA will send us a valid code?

I doubt if anyone is at vava right now trying to fix this. They will probably notice it when their office opens on Friday or Monday.

Okay, thanks for your response. I am glad to get you repy

reply. Maybe I will try to contact them later today. Thank you.

Hi All,
I have the same issue, the black Friday promo code doesn’t work.
I have sent support an email and also called and waited in the queue but no one answered.
I’m very disappointed :frowning:

An update.
I have received new code from support.

Go buy it on Amazon today if you missed the code

Same thing on me too, code not work!