Are you useing a sound bar with your vava

if your useing a sound bar or the spk that comes with the system
before buying a sound bar i wanted to know is it better

Hello, @lovemovies Thank you so much for notifying us about this inquiry. With regards to soundbars and speakers to use. We suggest our customers join our Facebook group to see what works for other customers. VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official

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I use no soundbar with Vava, but have Sonos beam (great sound quality) on two other TVs. Iā€™d say the built in Harmon speakers sound nearly as good as the Sonos beam. Definitely better sound quality than you get from a low budget sound bar.

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I use no soundbar with Vava
when best buy did the set up and i said i have a sound bar with sub
and i payed $677 for the sound bar a year before and i got to tell you the vava sounds better
you dont really need ex spks why ?