ARC Audio Glitch & DIY Android TV PC Dream Screen USB LED Strip not working

VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Black.
Firmware version 2.10
Purchase Dec 30, 2020 @ vidlogix


I have notice the audio have glitch sound several time while watching anything.

I also bought DIY Android TV PC Dream Screen USB LED Strip to put behind my projector screen. and it works with android but it doesn’t at all. can any one advice how or what will work with that.

Hi @Dboi-VAVA. Is this happening when you use an external speaker or internal speaker? Please send a short video about the audio glitch you are experiencing to so our support team can assist you further.

For the backlight you may also want to check the VAVA Official Facebook group: to know what works well for other customers. Thank you!

Hi Team VAVA,
Yes i am using a vizio soundbar 5.1.

I will try get a video of it but its a hard to do as you don’t know when will it glich.

Hi @Dboi-VAVA. So we can isolate the issue, can you try using the soundbar on a different device, and check if you are getting glitches when using the internal speaker. Also, did you try to use both optical and analog connection?

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at Thank you!