Apps don’t work because they aren’t updated

So it seems some of the apps (or all) are Android apps right? After installing n some like CNN, when I open the app it doesn t work because it says the app needs update. How can I solve this is there anyway to side load android apps ? Does the VaVa team has an idea how this will work going forward for getting updated apps on the vava App Store ?

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Hi @rmarinho We regret to hear that you’re having issues downloading some applications on the projector. Could you tell us if there is an error msg when you try to install a specific app? If so, could you send us a sample photo of the error message?

Could you check if you have the latest firmware version 2.10? If so, try to do a factory reset 3x.

The issue is not downloading the apps , but opening them . They say they aren’t the last version. For example BBC iPlayer

Hi, @rmarinho Thank you for sharing a sample photo. The the VAVA OS is Android 7.1 via Aptoide os it is limited. We highly recommend using a third party streaming device.