ANY UPDATES on Text Notifications

It has been months now since text notification has been stopped. VAVA can you provide an update? This seem not to create any urgency in your end as probably doesn’t impact you and impact thousands of us that actually rely on these alerts to make a decision to protect our proprieties. I cannot believe you actually still selling the products when you knowingly know the push notification doesn’t work. This is the entire security system PUSH NOTIFICATION without it they are just useless cameras sitting around my house


Yup, it’s still not working and is pretty much useless.
Probably should have went with a name brand camera system.

Someone please fix this!

…And I thought my lack of notifications was due to a setting I changed accidently. Now I find out it’s a VAVA internal issue of some sort and they don’t care to fix it. After all, where’s the support for the Cam Pro anyway? I can’t find ANYTHING on the VAVA site that refers to this camera system, not even user documents. Time to dump this orphaned device and move on.

I did post a Facebook Messenger text directly to VAVA asking them to look into the notifications matter but no reply yet. Hello Ring.