4K Projector user interface suggestion - move volume control indicator

I love my VAVA 4K projector and have little to no issues with the device, I’m using it with my AppleTV 4K and after ironing out the boot source and CEC on-off stuff it’s damn near perfect.

So, what would make it better? The damn volume adjustment indicator is not only big but it’s smack dab in the middle of whatever I’m watching. I’d love something that’s a lot more subtle and less intrusively located, especially at the size this screen projects at! It doesn’t need to obscure the content.

While I have a lot of gripes with apple’s UI designs, taking a cue from them and changing the volume control indicator to a small bar on the left that doesn’t interrupt the content would be a vast improvement experience-wise. Or even simply moving the current volume control indicator to the lower left and making it a bit small. But please, please, please, just take it out of the center of the frame!

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We appreciate your support for the VAVA 4k UST Projector, and we regret to hear you are having issues with the volume control display. We appreciate your feedback and will reflect on this to continually satisfy our VAVA projector users.

Just thought I would say that I am also in favor of moving the volume indicator… perhaps a setting that would allow to select the location? I would prefer it to be in an upper corner, or upper center. option for a flat or vertical bar would also be nice.


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I support this suggestion to move the volume indicator to the sides - any side will do but please not in the center of the screen. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @williammuk thank you for voicing our your suggestion as this will help us improve our device. We will be happy to let our engineers know about this.

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