4K Dash Cam Over Heating

I’m having some issues with my 4K dash cam overheating. My first 4K overheated so much that the device started swelling and failing to operate. That one was replaced through warranty. The new one I received last week. Upon plugging in the new cam I could tell it was on the same track to over heat. It’s plugged in with the provided USB into a USB outlet that came standard in the car. I have a few images but can only post one. I’ve attached a pic of my USB voltage tester plugged into the vehicles stock USB port with the 4K cams cable. I’ve tested the cigarette lighter USB adapter as well and get the same readings. I have one of the 1080p GPS dash cams hooked up in the back that is working with no problems from the cigarette lighter or the cars USB port. The 4K overheats when plugged into either.

I’ve got the 4K disconnected now to avoid damaging it, but need some help identifying what is wrong. Voltage readings don’t indicate anything that should be causing any extra voltage to enter the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a pic of the digital temp of the device. After I got the pic, I unplugged it so the temp didn’t climb any higher. Safe operating temp according to the manual is 120 degrees.