3D Switching on VAVA Projector

There are 3 choices, what is the difference? Do I need to choose one before or after I begin to play DVD?

Hi @Tomslaton. What are the 3 choices you are referring to? If you are referring on how to view the 3D menu, first the video determine the video source either HDMI 1, 2, or 3. From there, you need to hold down the menu button (3 horizontal lines) until a slide menu comes up from the left. From there, you should be able to see the menu options.

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A. When playing a 3D DVD does the playback setting need to be set to either 1.) left-right, or 2.)top-bottom or 3.)escaputation need to be engaged to view 3D.
B. Can 3D DVD’s be viewed with the 3D SWITCHING set on “off”.
C. Why are there three 3D SWITCHING choices? Left-right. top-bottom, etc? Which should they be used and when? Which is recommended?
D. What are be best 3D glass to use for my VAVA projection TV?
E. Should 3D SWITCHING be done before or after the DVD begins?

I am really confused as my LG TV works much easier when viewing 3D, THANKS !!

Hello Tom.

Thank you for your message.

A. Normally any 3D movie will be Top/Bottom split unless your DVD specifically states Left/Right or Frame encapsulation, for a vast majority of your discs using Top/Bottom will be the correct option.
B. To view 3D, 3D switching must be set to one of the three selectable options. If no option is selected your projector will simply use regular viewing.
C. Different modes are available with your 3D player and discs, for most supporters, Top/Bottom is the correct option to choose from unless your disc or 3D player requires the other options.
D. The projector uses DLP 3D therefore you will need to purchase specific glasses that can run this type of format. I personally use the following link and so do many of our supporters:
E. You can select 3D switching before or afterward, there is no harm in doing it either way. I personally do it after the movie begins so that my display isn’t so strange looking before I put on my glasses.

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Your team is amazing, a great resource. Thanks for answering all my questions. You are the gold standard.

Hi @Tomslaton. You are most welcome. We very much appreciate that.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at support@vava.com. Thank you!