3d on original vava 4k does not work properly

I tried everything to get the 3d to work for the original vava 4k projector. I talked to others with the newer vava models and it seems those don’t have the issue with 3d.

The 3d image has a sharp/ clear image however during any movement scenes it feels very jittery and not smooth compared to 3dtv. This makes it feel very dizzy during movement. Compared to 3dtv it is unwatchable. Ide rather watch 3d on the smaller 50 inch tv because it works smooth and properly. It also appears to lack depth in my opinion for such a big screen size.

Using 18gbps rated HDMI cable, and 3d blueray player hooked directly to vava HDMI 3 port. Tried using Xbox one to play the 3d disk to confirm it’s not the player. Refresh rate setting to 60hz. Seems like something wrong with the vava 3d switching software.
Using boblov 3d glasses and 3d heaven. 3d heaven fit much better. Neither solve issue.
Running the vava on the latest software.

120 inches seating 11 ft 8 inches away

Also it appears when entering 3d mode keystone settings don’t apply so it blows up past your keystone settings onto the wall past screen.

Hi there,
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Could you please send some pictures to show the issue to us? After verifying it, we will provide the best solution for you.