3D Issues within 3 meters

I’ve successfully updated to the current Version with 3D support. I’m using these Glasses (Hi-SHOCK® DLP Pro 7G “Black Diamond”). Within 3 meters distance to the Projector Sceen (ZHK100B-PET Crystal), i’m not able to get a 3D Picture. While after 4 meters it’s crystal clear. I’ve testes the glasses with my ACER DLP Projector and they are working perfectly. Does anyone have similar experiences so far?

Hi, I bought the same glasses, and I do not get any good picture. Its constantly out of sync, color of picture is purple, glasses are flickering. No idea what to do.

I’m in contact with the VAVA Support Team, let’s wait for the feedback.

did you try different glasses?

I have the same glasses and they don´t work at all. (a little flicker,thats it)

Glasses from “Elephas” are supposed to work. Read it on avs community. Hope that helps.

hmmmkay, i ordered them on Amazon
Let’s give it a try, I’ll report my experience.

I have ordered them too. Will arrive tomorrow. Let´s see if they work.

Ok, these glasses works perfectly with the vava :wink: #finally

Great,glad i could help. :grinning:

What application do you guys use to play 3D content?

AppleTV and the APP Infuse.