30hz when connected to PC

When the unit powers on, it indicates it is at 60hz. After I connect a PC, the resolution changes to 4096×2160 30hz. I’ve tried changing the display but Windows says the display does not support over 30hz. I’ve tried direct from the PC and through a receiver. Any ideas?


Hi @Bakels. Try to turn on HDMI 2.0 on the projector by holding down the menu button while viewing your source, and toggle HDMI 2.0 to on.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at support@vava.com. Thank you!

Try a higher quality cable, some lower end cables can’t do 60hz

I tried switching to HDMI 2.0 and it didn’t go above 30Hz. Windows indicates the display doesn’t support higher. I’ll get a high quality cable and post again once I have it. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hello @Bakels We are happy to provide assistance. Let us know if it goes well, and if you still have an issue with it, you can post it here or send us an email to support@vava.com.

It turns out it is the display adapter. It doesn’t have HDMI 2.0 out support. Since cards are scarce at the moment, I’ll hold off on getting one that does have support. 30hz isn’t bad for movies but unfortunately, some applications like Netflix require 60hz. I’m getting a Fire Stick 4k as a workaround.

Hello @Bakels The fire stick 4k is indeed a good workaround to still have access to other applications like Netflix who need 60hz to function.