3-D Switching Streaming

I have tried to view 3-D on YouTube and Vudu but I can’t get the 3D switching right. I don’t know why 3D Streaming would be any different than using a 3d player. Am I missing something?


Hi, @Ncsoo7 We are more than happy to assist you. For 3D experience, our device requires Active DLP link glasses.

With the DLP Link 3D function, the projector supports a resolution of 720p/120fps, which can provide you awesome 3D experience with DLP-link 3D glasses. To play 3D videos, Press the Menu button and select Playback Settings → 3D switching and the 3D format of the video: side-by-side (Left-Right) and top-and-bottom (Top-Bottom), via the remote.4K Projector, to see what worked best for them.

Thank you for the support!

Mhh, which 3d glasses do you suggest?

its still just 720p for 3d?

Hi @mugda We appreciate your feedback. Hope this helps you. To turn on 3D, provide a 3D movie or input, then select the 3D option from the previous menu. Select the format of your 3D movie. (Note: must use DLP link 3D glasses with the projector).

On the Home Screen, Set Up 3D and HDMI 2.0:

  1. Select a specific HDMI port you are using.
  2. Click OK on the remote.
  3. Go down to 3D, and select the certain option that works
  4. Go down to HDMI 2.0 to TURN ON

Video Tutorial: Set Up 3D and HDMI 2 0 - YouTube

Kindly try these suggested options:

A. Normally any 3D movie will be Top/Bottom split unless your DVD specifically states Left/Right or Frame encapsulation, for a vast majority of your discs using Top/Bottom will be the correct option.

B. To view 3D, 3D switching must be set to one of the three selectable options. If no option is selected your projector will simply use regular viewing.

C. Different modes are available with your 3D player and discs, for most supporters, Top/Bottom is the correct option to choose from unless your disc or 3D player requires the other options.

D. The projector uses DLP 3D therefore you will need to purchase specific glasses that can run this type of format. We personally use the following link and so do many of our supporters: https://www.amazon.com/Ultra-Clear-Rechargeable-Shutter-Glasses-Projectors/dp/B00KUIYUP8/ref=pd_lpo_23_t_1/138-4976850-6397950?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00KUIYUP8&pd_rd_r=cfbdf037-4014-4be1-baef-8a2663c3d984&pd_rd_w=UQWIl&pd_rd_wg=5nWf4&pf_rd_p=16b28406-aa34-451d-8a2e-b3930ada000c&pf_rd_r=QGYPNK2CH1YP0HX0KPSX&psc=1&refRID=QGYPNK2CH1YP0HX0KPSX%2037

E. You can select 3D switching before or afterward, there is no harm in doing it either way. We personally do it after the movie begins so that display isn’t so strange looking before putting on glasses.

Ok thanks for the info. I got some 3d glasses from hi-shock which should work according this guide:
I have the “Lime Heaven”, which is an DLP link 3d glasses. They should arrive in the next day and i will test with your projector the 3d function. I hope i can watch the upcoming avatar 2 movie with it in 3d :slight_smile:

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Hi @mugda We’re glad we were able to assist you.

Since the last software update my 3d switching doesn’t work. Shows an image on top and bottom of the screen. TVs 3d setting with change nothing or pack everything in the top frame and nothing in the bottom frame. Frustrating.

Hello @Rayvava, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. Hope this helps! Make sure to follow the step by step 3-D Switching Streaming - #4 by TeamVAVA