12in1 Docking Station Not displaying in 40k/60hz using Macbook Pro 2019

I’ve owned this docking station for about 6 months and it’s been working great. I have a 4k monitor, Asus VP28U and a Macbook Pro 2019, Model A1990. Recently, I was given a different Macbook Pro model for work. Model A2141.

(Not sure if this makes a difference but the first one, A1990 used an Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, rather this new model I’m not using, A2141 uses an AMD Radeon Pro 5300 4gb Graphics Card.)

After setting the new one up, I noticed that it only gives me a 30hz option. Even when I go to the Display Settings, hold down Option, select Show Low Resolution Modes, and try to change it to 60hz, the option is not given.

I have an extra USB C to HDMI Cable that supports 4k/60Hz. I tried this cable out and now I do have the 60hz option.

Am I missing something here? The Docking Station worked with 60hz on the early 2019 model, but not the later model? Everything else with my set up is the same, I haven’t swapped any cables out. Would appreciate any help or troubleshooting on this. Thank you.

Hi @dres. Thank you for giving us details about the issue. We have asked our Engineers about the compatibility between the units and possible workaround. We will keep you posted for an update.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at support@vava.com. Thank you!