120" projection issue with Chroma

Hi, I have setup my new 120" screen height/distance as per the specs on the manual. I am unable to fit the image on to the screen. Issue is with the height, i am having 2-5 inches thats not covered.

To cover the bottom portion, i have to increase the height.
> when we increase the height. the screen width is not enough to fit on 120"
> when we lower the height , the bottom portion of the screen have 2-5 inches gap.

Is anyone facing the issue with height/distance as per the specs ?

Hi, @sganga Thank you for supporting our VAVA Chroma campaign. Hope this helps. We suggest you use measuring device or ruler follow the W1 and H2. An image is also found in the Manual on how to set up the projector. There is about a 5% variance in the measurements. These measurements may not be an exact fit. The most important measurement is the distance from the screen and the height from the bottom of the projector to the bottom of the screen. Desk height does not matter, it can be placed on the ground or on a table (but you may need to raise or lower the projector to reach the required height).

Can any let me know what the approx height from bottom of the projector to the screen for your setup ?

I have placed the projector approx 14.3, 14.6 , 15 " and still having issues to fill the bottom of 120" screen

Hi, @sganga Based on the projection distance & image dimensions in the manual. These are the estimated parameters. Try 13.9 or 14in

W1 Device-wall Distance - 27.9cm/11.0in
H2 Image Desk Height Gap - 35.2cm/13.9in